"Bone" Apetit! - These Folks Love the Fish
We Think We're Pretty Good...But Don't Take OUR Word For It!
“As a magazine editor, I work with numerous public relations people of varying talents and personalities. Brian ranks as one of the elite few who clearly possess the knowledge, professionalism, initiative and pleasant demeanor to excel in the field. I consider him not only a definitive source who provides accurate and timely information but also a friend.” - Chris Woodward, Sport Fishing
“Brian Johnston defines Public Relations Professional with his unerring attention to detail and enviable (seemingly) instant follow-up skills. Johnston is a journalist's dream -- call and your info or artwork is on its way immediately.  Intensely focused, yet downright likeable, Brian is a great person to have on your side." - Lee Boyt, Freelance Journalist
“I am very happy to recommend Brian whom I worked with on a number of occasions in the past. Brian is conscientious, easy to get along with and a straight forward individual. If he promises then he will deliver.” - Mark Corke, On Board with Mark Corke
“Brian has always been a great partner of ours in the boating industry and is talented, conscientious and very reliable.” - Jon Mohr, Boating Industry
“I worked directly with Brian for a year and a half and was never disappointed. He always completed his projects on time with better-than-expected results. His presentation skills and attention-to-detail are tremendous.” - Steve Drenkard, Marketing & Product Manager, Honda Marine